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Do You Want to Build a Snowman

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

New Hampshire offers much to its residents during the cold winter months. Even if your idea of a perfect winter weekend involves relaxing by the fire, watching a movie, or reading a book, you may still count yourself among the thousands who appreciate all that the snowy great outdoors has to offer. From family-friendly afternoon…
Use This System to Keep Clutter Out

Use This System To Keep Clutter Out

It’s the time of year to make space for mucky boots, coats and scarves. Keeping these items out of the kitchen, especially during the holidays, will help you keep your house clean and inviting to guests. To make this easy, try designating a section near your main entrance as the “drop zone”. This can be…
Your Holiday Home Checklist

Your Holiday Home Checklist

It’s time to dust off the boxes and start decorating for the holidays! This is the perfect time to sort and purge holiday decor for future use. Did you recently get a pet or have a baby? Maybe you don’t want to bring out the special (ie: breakable) ornaments this year! If you find that…
5 Questions to Ask Yourself During House Hunting

5 Questions to Ask Yourself During House Hunting

So you’re ready to make your next big move? If you’re in the process of searching for a new home, you have likely found a few houses in your ideal locations, checked out the school reputations if you have kids, and maybe even test-drove the new commute to work. Before you make your final decision,…

Creating The Community In Your Neighborhood

Want to live in the type of neighborhood where neighbors get together for weekend BBQ’s, and where the kids can join in a pickup basketball game across the street? Growing up, many of us and our families had stronger bonds with the neighbors in our community, and we are often missing those connections in today’s…

Are You Ready For Winter Storms?

It’s not even winter yet, and the first major storm of the season has already caused the 4th largest power outage in New Hampshire’s history! Experts are predicting this season to be one of the coldest and snowiest in recent years, and now is a good time to ensure you have emergency supplies on hand…

Building A Community: Are You A Good Neighbor?

Does being neighborly mean keeping to yourself and offering a small wave as you head to work? Or would you rather live in a community where people help each other out by shoveling the walkways of neighbors who are unable to do so, or offering to watch their kids during an emergency? Building a warm…

Start Decorating Your New Home

After the expenses of closing on your new home and moving in, you may not feel comfortable decorating your new home all at once. We give you tips and tricks here!

Do I Need a Traditional Dining Room? 

While most Americans' lives have changed substantially from their parents and grandparents generations, there has also been a trend over the past few years to get back to the core values that we grew up with. For builders and new home owners, one area of the home that continues to have a changing role is the dining room!
Meal Planning Dinner Menu

Start Meal Planning to Save Money and Time!

A valuable way to save money, decrease the time you spend shopping and cooking, and create good healthy eating habits is to start meal planning.

Creating a Home Office that Works for You

Do you work from home full time? Part time? Or just need a space to keep your budget and personal finances in order? A home office has become an important room in the home today. According to Forbes Magazine, one in five Americans work from home, and that number is expected to increase more than 60% in the next few years. Our priorities have shifted at home and therefore the way we design our homes has too.

Making Your Master Bedroom a Sanctuary

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should take you always from the world. It’s a place to go and spend time with one another when you can’t jet out to Paris or the Caribbean (or let’s face it, when you can’t even get out of town for the weekend). This should be a room you can enjoy together. So, take the time to talk through the following elements on planning your master bedroom so you and your significant other can make the most of your time together.