10 Advantages to Building a Home

There are just too many unforeseen surprises behind walls and under rugs when buying a pre-existing house. Its common for buyers to be surprised about how inexpensive it is to build a new home rather than attempt to repair a pre-existing home. If you are still wondering what’s right for you, learn about 10 advantages to build new.

smiling couple looking at tablet pc at home

  1. You Pick Your Floor Plan: Find that floor plan you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe you don’t want a traditional dining room; instead you prefer a library or a playroom. Have a breakfast bar or nook built in. Yes, you can have it all!
  2. You Pick The Material: You want a heated garage or recycled wood on your porch? You can decide what’s best for you and your family.
  3. You Save Money With Energy Efficiency In Mind: You no longer need to worry about losing money on a damp and drafty house; building an energy efficient home means it is less expensive to heat and cool your home.
  4. You Gain Piece of Mind: With all new appliances, from the hot water heater to the refrigerator, you won’t have to worry about replacing expensive equipment for a very long time.
  5. You Become Part of a Community: Often times, land and custom homes are built as part of a community. Communities come with caring neighbors, most of whom move in around the same time, and may even have features like common spaces for neighbors to get together.
  6. You Gain Annual Savings: If your furnace is new, you can save a few hundred dollars a year by omitting the service plan that you need with an older system. There also some homeowner’s insurance savings along with tax savings.
  7. You’ll Find Entertaining Is Easier: Entertaining is easier with a beautiful open floor plan for large groups and cabinets that store all of your party supplies.
  8. You Have A Blank Slate: You create your home from the start and you don’t have to work around the decorating styles of the previous owner.
  9. Outlets: More outlets in the right places can make daily tasks more convenient, and many older homes lack this feature which means less extension cords. Customized homes may even have ultra-modern features, like phone-charging stations.
  10. Accessible Design: Incorporating the considerations of accessible home design will help overcome future physical challenges and accommodate your family if aging parents or in-laws move into your home or stay for a long vacation.

Why not be in control of what you’re buying?