Incorporating Accessible Home Design

When thinking of accessible, ageless, or universal design, many people have visions of hospital-like clunky, ugly and noticeable features. However, today we are able to create wider doorways, purposeful cabinet heights, multi-level closets, and spacious curb-less showers. These features lend themselves to both beauty and function; helping you enjoy your home today and in the future.

Architectural materials tools blueprints

Incorporating considerations of accessible home design will help overcome future physical challenges and accommodate when aging parents or in-laws stay for a long vacation or if they eventually move into your home. There is no need to knock down walls and have contractors invade your home for months on end. Consider designing your custom home with these forward-thinking features built right in.

Installing a lever style handle versus doorknob, utilizing a rocker-style switch, adding anti-scald devices, or enhancing your shower with handrails can be incorporated as beautiful accent pieces, rather than out of place add-ons. These can also be great features for kids as they grow. Some of these details may seem very small, but think of how these features can help you in your everyday life, regardless of age or ability. Also think of how assistive technology features like a sensor garage door opener or a security system monitored from your phone could make your day that much easier. Learn more about these features and what would be a good fit for your home.

As the population continues to age and people look toward multi-generational living as an alternate to assisted living, nursing homes, and maintaining too-large houses once the family has moved out, accessible homes (especially single floor homes) are growing increasingly popular. As there is little inventory of accessible properties on the market, you may also notice a higher resale value if you plan to leave the home in the future.

Let us build you a customized home with the future in mind.