Being The Ultimate Host

A little bit of planning and preparation can go a long way in planning a party or event at your home. Don’t worry if the house is a bit messy; guests are coming to see YOU and they likely would never notice the minor flaws that stand out to you. Here are a few easy tips to being the ultimate host!

Coffee and chocolate cake

  1. Keep it simple: Offer one main dish and dessert. Aim to have something savory, something sweet, some sort of fruit, and a salad.
  2. Get the grocery store to do the work: If it’s not too pricey, buy your ingredients already prepped. If there is something that needs to be sliced, see if your butcher can do that to save you time!
  3. Pick a theme: Perhaps it’s a specific color or holiday theme. Just be careful you don’t over-DIY the table. Your guests care more about the food than your decorations, no matter how long you spent following step-by-step directions on Pinterest to make the perfect centerpiece.
  4. Make a list, check it twice: Once the big day arrives, you do not want to be remembering things you need at the last minute. Make a list a few days before, and you won’t find yourself running to the store that day.
  5. Prepare everything in advance: Consider making a timetable for yourself for the big day. What can you assemble and refrigerate ahead of time? What dishes need to be cooked the night before versus that morning? When should you set the table and finish last minute cleaning? Ordering your day will guarantee you don’t miss something later on.
  6. Have Enough Ice: Consider storing extra in the freezer in plastic freezer bags.
  7. Create A Playlist: Sometimes it can take a while for the chitchat to pick up as people are arriving. Don’t let the silence scare away guests from talking. Find music to fit the mood and theme of your party. Check beforehand that the speakers, player and volume are working appropriately.
  8. The Drinks: You may not need a full bar. Instead consider serving one signature cocktail, like a big pitcher of sangria. Always have a good supply of water as well with a side of lemons. And don’t forget your coffee drinkers! Consider offering decaf as well as regular coffee.
  9. Create a kids table: If the kids must come, create a table for them off to the side to prevent the noise from being a distraction. Have a couple games or activities to keep them busy and consider setting aside a few DVD’s for movie time.
  10. Remember: You are not Martha Stewart, and nobody expects you to be – so relax and have a good time!