Let’s Talk About the Neighbors

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Do your homework when you’re selecting a neighborhood! After all, you hope to live there for a while, so figure out the pulse of the community and consider how you can contribute. Here are tips to help you cover the bases in your search:

Tip: Visit during the daytime and the nighttime, as well as at different days of the week, to get a sense for the general population, noise levels, and traffic patterns.

Tip: Read local newspapers, related blogs, and social media to be aware of news about the area and understand more about issues for voters and students.

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Tip: Without being intrusive, look for opportunities to chat with your potential neighbors, and try to ask some of the following questions when you meet them.

  • What do they think of the neighborhood and overall community dynamic?
  • Is crime common in the area, and were there any car or home break-ins?
  • Are mail delivery, trash pickup, and snow plowing services fairly reliable?

Tip: Must-have lists aren’t just limited to the houses themselves! Think back to your previous experiences, and make a list of your needs for a new community.

What are you looking for in your future neighborhood? Share it with us on Twitter via @LaMontagneBuild.





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