Trending Summer Projects for Your Yard

Summer has finally arrived, so it’s time for you to head out to your backyard! Everyone can appreciate the nice New Hampshire weather and soak up the warm sunshine with these outdoor entertainment ideas and household projects.

  1. Outdoor Games: Have you been eager to try something new at summer BBQs? Grab some supplies from your local home improvement store to make Giant Jenga. Yes, you read correctly, and that’s only the beginning! From traditional carnival activities to more unusual options, the 32 inventive games included in that link aren’t just for the kids to enjoy.


  1. Outdoor Planters: Do you want to give your house a new look this summer? Improve your home’s curb appeal and add a splash of color with some outdoor planters. Whether pallet, potted, or pedestal and either horizontal or vertical, these are sure to bring the summer even closer.


  1. Bird feeders: Are you ready to see more of what New Hampshire has to offer? It’s easy to experience nature in your own backyard. This summer, make a bird feeder that you can get in the habit of using as the weather is nice and maintain through the colder New England seasons that follow. These easy ideas are homemade or upcycled to be a win-win for all!


  1. DIY Fire Pit: Do you want to take your outdoor space to the next level? Create a fire pit that you can enjoy with your family and friends this summer — and beyond. You can incorporate it into a lounge area or within your backyard. Who doesn’t love a good helping of summer s’mores?


  1. Outdoor Lounge: Have you considered incorporating more of the outdoor options that are available today? You can create cozy spaces that bring the indoors out to the fresh air. Make the most of your patio, deck, or sunroom with space-saving arrangements and include comfortable couches, dining areas, designer accessories, and even a television.

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