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fireplace mantel

Setting the Stage: Fireplace & Mantel Styling

A living room fireplace is a natural spot for gathering around with family and friends. Whether you’re feeling cozy on a dreary day, getting festive for the holidays or special occasions, or if you want to create a sense of romance or fun, a fireplace with its accompanying mantel can help create the right ambiance.
hosting thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at Home: Hosting and Entertaining Your Guests

It’s time to prepare for the holiday season, and that usually means celebrating with family and friends. Old traditions are important, but creating new ones can be special, too. If you’re the next generation hosting for the first time, or you’ve moved into a new home this year that has the space to accommodate a…
in-law suite new construction

The Emergence of In-Law Suites in New Construction Homes

Families are continually changing the way they live in their homes and communities. Just a generation or two ago, it was common for entire extended families to live in the same city or town, and in some cases, even in the same multi-family home. As education and career opportunities drew individuals to relocate outside their…
fall gardening new hampshire

Fall Gardening for a Colorful Season and Spring Blossoms

Summer’s blooms are long gone, but there are many rich, beautiful flowers and plants that thrive in fall’s cooler weather. Most of them are fairly simple to plant in containers and border gardens. Chrysanthemums are the most common flowers featured in fall landscaping. Mums come in a variety of colors we associate with autumn –…
mortgage rates increasing

Mortgage Rates Are Rising. Here’s the Silver Lining

– and Ways to Keep Your Budget in Check Remember the good old days when home mortgage rates were below 3%?  In fact, they had been historically low for well over a decade, hovering between 2.5 to 3.5%.  Today, we are witnessing rates that are on a continued climb due to a number of factors,…
new construction home bedford

Making A Home In Bedford, New Hampshire

We can’t emphasize enough that one of the reasons New Hampshire is our favorite place to live is that our state provides so many options to fit any desired lifestyle. When you want the best that suburbia has to offer, look no further than Bedford. Home buyers in Bedford, NH will find large lots, which…
new construction homes

New Construction vs Older Homes: Some Pros & Cons

The housing market over the past few years has garnered a lot of attention – from stories in the media to chats at work or parties and around the neighborhood, to real estate agents offering to sell your home or announcing the recent sale prices of houses comparable to yours. The conversations have ebbed and…

The Convenience of Work-from-Home

Two+ years into the major shift of work-life balance as we know it that the pandemic prompted in March 2020, many Americans are now working in ways that look vastly different than before and what they had envisioned for their futures. Once the initial disruption of 2020 began to subside, many workers — and their…

How To Choose A New Construction Floor Plan

If you’ve decided to purchase a new construction home, among the first steps are to determine the town or region where you’d like to live, find a builder, and begin reviewing your design options online. At some point early in the process, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the variations in floor plans. Beyond the fairly…

55-Plus Living in NH

When we reach a certain age, it might make sense to downsize or seek out a home that offers some extra advantages to make homeownership easier. Consider the growing popularity of “55+ communities.” They’re so named because the minimum age requirement of at least one resident living on each property is 55. That is, a…

Getting to Know Goffstown

When we talk about the reasons we love living in New Hampshire, with its amazing combination of urban and rural communities that provide the best mix of all the things that make New England great…well, the little town of Goffstown fits the bill.

Checklist for Spring Landscaping Success

No matter what the groundhog says, spring is almost here! As temperatures grow milder, late winter and early spring are a great time to get your yard in shape. Just follow these steps for smart spring preparation.