Must-have Items Trending in the Housing Market

One of the first steps in building your new home is making a list of your needs, things that you absolutely must have, and a list of your wants, any features that you would like but could do without if necessary. Curious about where to begin? According to USA Today, approximately half of US home buyers are willing to pay thousands of dollars more for desired additional features in their home. Check out the features below that have caused recent buyers to routinely pay more for trending items in the housing market.


You don’t have to incur additional expenses for must-have items. Include these options in your home from the start by building new construction.


Of the ten ‘most wanted home features’ on the USA Today list, seventy percent are included as standard features in homes built by LaMontagne Builders:


  1. New kitchen appliances
  2. Eat-in kitchen with island
  3. Durable hardwood floors
  4. A walk-in master closet
  5. One or more fireplaces
  6. Master bathroom en suite
  7. A home under five years old


0115_LaMontaigne_110912The remaining three items on the USA Today ‘most wanted home features’ list are available as optional upgrades:


  1. Central air conditioning
  2. Granite counters
  3. Stainless steel appliances



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