Creating The Community In Your Neighborhood

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Want to live in the type of neighborhood where neighbors get together for weekend BBQ’s, and where the kids can join in a pickup basketball game across the street? Growing up, many of us and our families had stronger bonds with the neighbors in our community, and we are often missing those connections in today’s world of scheduled playdates and never-ending work weeks.

A strong community improves security, and creates new friendships and neighborhood pride. If you want to create a community in your neighborhood, but are unsure of how to start and how to get others to join in, here are 12 ways to become the catalyst in your community:

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  1. Organize a block party or potluck. social-icons-15 Click To Tweet
  2. Bring the locals to the yard with a garage sale.  social-icons-15Click To Tweet 
  3. Start a running or walking group. social-icons-15Click To Tweet 
  4. Host or attend a neighborhood play Click To Tweet 
  5. Celebrate birthdays by sending over a small gift or note. social-icons-15Click To Tweet 
  6. Install a basketball hoop in your driveway and start a pickup game. social-icons-15Click To Tweet
  7. Invite neighbors over for drinks or a monthly poker game.  social-icons-15Click To Tweet
  8. Help shovel or rake for an elderly To Tweet
  9. Start a book club.  social-icons-15Click To Tweet
  10. Organize a service activity. social-icons-15Click To Tweet
  11. Perform random acts of Click To Tweet

Creating The Community In Your Neighborhood

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