Use This System To Keep Clutter Out

Children's clothes, backpack, shoesIt’s the time of year to make space for mucky boots, coats and scarves. Keeping these items out of the kitchen, especially during the holidays, will help you keep your house clean and inviting to guests.

To make this easy, try designating a section near your main entrance as the “drop zone”. This can
be in your mudroom, foyer, laundry room, basement or garage. It will you’re your stuff (mail, coats, boots, keys, etc.) off the kitchen counter, and help you keep track of all of those items that tend to go missing when you are running late and trying to get out the door.

Taking shoes off wall mount rack in homeIf you have a closet by your drop zone, consider cleaning it out to make way for bulky winter coats and boots. If a closet is not nearby, be creative and add wall hooks for coats and shelving for baskets to hold hats and mittens. A boot tray on the floor will keep snow and dirt from traveling through the house. Also think of furniture that can do double-duty, like a bench for removing and storing your shoes inside. If you have pets, you can even set a space to wash your pets and store pet food and supplies.

This space can be also used for sporting wear, outdoor gear and other miscellaneous storage. Consider the needs and habits of your family when creating the drop zone: hooks for kids’ coats and gear should be at their height so they can hang their own, color-coded storage baskets for each family member ensure that gloves and hats don’t get mixed up,Use This System To Keep Clutter Out and charging stations for teens and busy adults offer an easy way to leave those phones by the door before dinner. A simple organized drop zone can help you eliminate clutter before it even enters your living area, and reduce the early-morning stress of running around the house looking for lost keys and gloves.

Lastly, have fun creating this space! It’s an extension of your home that allows for a smooth transition at the end of long work and school days, and creates a welcoming experience for all who visit.

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