Do I Need a Traditional Dining Room? 

While most Americans’ lives have changed substantially from their parents and grandparents generations, there has also been a trend over the past few years to get back to the core values that we grew up with. For builders and new home owners, one area of the home that continues to have a changing role is the dining room: some families want to have a separate area for dinners and special events, while others would prefer to gather in the kitchen and use this extra room for a home office or family room.

Dining roomNow (when you are planning your new home or remodel) is the time to evaluate how you and your family live and entertain. Does a traditional dining room work for you? Is it important for you to have a place to sit down and eat as a fa
mily with friends, in a more formal setting? Where do you typically gather and eat? The kitchen island, at a formal table or breakfast nook, or in front of the TV?

Whether or not a formal dining room is wanted or needed typically depends on family traditions, your lifestyle, and the size of your family and home.

Some people find it hard to justify revamping a dining room space when it is only used for holidays and parties. If you think the dining room is unnecessary, outdated or just sitting there collecting dust, you can turn it into an office, a library, a hobby room, a playroom, an exercise room or even another bedroom. Many people create multi-purpose rooms that can be converted for different functions as their needs change.

Do I Need a Traditional Dining Room If you grew up with a traditional dining room, perhaps you have special memories of big holiday meals, loud conversation, uncontrollable laughs and big family celebrations. If traditions are important to you, you may want to pass this down to your future generations. Maybe these celebrations are worth the effort of keeping and possibly revamping the dining room.

Most of our families find a happy medium by picking a dining layout with an open concept kitchen and eating area space that is casual enough to use regularly for homework, activities, and all meals. This keeps the family together but gives you more options than the typical dining room. Open concept floor plans will make your home feel bigger than before and are a great way to keep eyes on your loved ones without having to be in the same room.