Making Your Master Bedroom a Sanctuary

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should take you always from the world. It’s a place to go and spend time with one another when you can’t jet out to Paris or the Caribbean (or let’s face it, when you can’t even get out of town for the weekend).  This should be a room you can enjoy together. So, take the time to talk through the following elements on planning your master bedroom so you and your significant other can make the most of your time together.  Whatever your needs (or wants) are, we can all get a little creative and make our master bedroom a place we can truly enjoy with a little bit of planning and preparation. Comfort

  • Do the outdoors relax you? Think about putting a chaise lounge chair next to the window so you can spend time soaking in the view.
  • To ensure your lighting is just righModern master bedroomt, add a dimmer so you can adjust the level of brightness.
  • If you already have bedding, furniture or even art picked out, take time to understand how it will look with the color schemes you have in mind. Remember, color affects your mood.

Focal Point

  • What can be your focal point?  A fireplace, mounted ceiling lighting, a piece of artwork, a large window, or doors leading outside?
  • Depending on the builder and house plan, you may add items like a fireplace or double doors leading to a deck.


  • Making Your Master Bedroom a SanctuaryAre you planning for a large walk-in closet and a few dressers? This is where you can get creative! Think about where additional storage may go in the future.
  • Consider where additional shelving can be added throughout the room – hidden spaces like alcoves and corners can hold enormous storage potential.

What is your favorite part of your master bedroom?