How to Choose Lighting for Your Kitchen

When it comes to choosing lighting for your kitchen, consider incorporating these three basic lighting types.  Also, take the time to think about the layout of your kitchen and where the primary tasks are done; are you working over the sink, prepping next to the oven, or preparing food on the island? These will all play an important role in the placement of lighting and types of fixtures you’ll need.

Custom KitchenYour kitchen’s primary functions may be to prepare food, but kitchens have also become a popular gathering spot to host family or friends, and a place to help your kids with homework.  Your lighting needs need to be functional and create a mood for the versatile activities that take place within your kitchen.

It is fun to pick out kitchen appliances, countertops, and flooring, and many people will not give as much time or thought to the lighting that sets the tone and functionality of the entire space.

You may consider a ceiling-mounted fixture to provide ambient light, with under cabinet fixtures providing task lighting for the counters, and pendants for accent lighting over the island.

Once the lighting plan is laid out, consider putting your lighting on a dimmer to help create a mood. Also, be sure to choose energy efficient light bulbs to save money over the long term.

How to Choose Lighting for Your KitchenRemember, the way we light our kitchen affects the functionality of the entire space. It also creates a mood for yourself and your guests.  Don’t skimp out on your lighting plans!