Creating a Home Office that Works for You

Do you work from home full time? Part time? Or just need a space to keep your budget and personal finances in order?  A home office has become an important room in the home today. According to Forbes Magazine, one in five Americans work from home, and that number is expected to increase more than 60% in the next few years. Our priorities have shifted at home and therefore the way we design our homes has too.

Creating a Resourceful Home Office

  • Every workspace needs a large table or desk to spread your work in front of you.
  • Although most work is done on a computer, there will inevitability always be papers that will end up piling up in your office. Find ways to store them which work with the style of your home: perhaps a small wooden filing cabinet or shelving with pull out baskets.
  • A home office must have plenty of storage space to be useful. Drawers, shelves, and filing cabinets are all great places to help maximize space.
  • If you are in a small space, you can get creative with floating shelves above your desk which won’t take up valuable floor or desktop space.
  • Consider the elements of an office chair that are important to you. Do you like a chair that swivels, has lots of padding, or has adjustable height?

Creating a Home Office that Works for You

Privacy & Practicality

  • One very important aspect of designing your office at home is location. If you have kids working in an open space like the living room is probably not the best place to set up.
  • Is your guest room your office? Are you mobile enough to move your office to another room if unexpected guests stay awhile?
  • Privacy and a quiet atmosphere are essential to making your home office a success.
  • It is also important to have a window that lets in a good amount of natural light.

Making it stylish

  • It is important to design a space that is visually appealing so you don’t dread going to work.
  • Brighten your office and your mood by adding plants, personalizing with photos, or hanging an inspiration board to remind you of the goals you are working towards.


  • When choosing your layout, keep in mind your work style. Do you thrive on loud noise or music? Perhaps the living room is a good possibility. Or do you need absolute silence? You may need soundproof walls or a location that’s farther from the living room or kitchen.

The Latest Trend: Pocket Offices

  • If you haven’t moved into your dream home yet and have to work within your space, try converting a
  • Desklarge closet, alcove, or even a space under a staircase into a work area.

No matter the size of your home or number of rooms, there are endless possibilities to design your office work space to meet your needs.


 Let us know how you designed a home office to fit your life!