How To Sidestep New Hampshire’s Hot Housing Market And Still Get The Home You Want

hot housing marketMany industries have been facing supply and demand challenges over the last year or so, and the housing market is no exception. Like it is in much of the northeast, real estate is hotter than ever in New Hampshire, and that’s a source of major frustration for would-be homebuyers throughout the region.

With mortgage rates remaining at rock-bottom levels and a large percentage of professionals transitioning to work-from-home status, along with the desire to seek out open spaces and less crowded communities, our little state has earned a reputation for being a very desirable place to live. And why not? New Hampshire really does have everything: four stunning seasons; mountains; lakes; beaches; urban areas with thriving arts, entertainment, and culinary communities; accessibility to the U.S. and beyond via Manchester Boston Regional Airport; and major cities and vacation destinations within driving distance. We’ve also got that income-and-sales-tax-free advantage, which is pretty attractive for personal and business reasons.

But in this competitive and overwhelming seller’s market, those looking to move to New Hampshire are having a tough time making it happen. Homes spend just days or even hours on the market as prospective buyers jump to make offers for fear of missing their chance. Even when you have the opportunity to attend an open house or schedule a showing, you know you’re among dozens of others, and the odds of losing a bidding war are high. Seems like a waste of a perfectly good weekend to walk through someone else’s overpriced and not-your-style home.

Want to get away from all the pressure? Consider the benefits of new construction. The process is simple, and we can make it seamless. Once we set up an initial meeting, we’ll help you along every step. You pick which location suits you best, the style and floor plans of the home that meets your needs, and choose the modifications you’d like in order to make it your own. It’s the most efficient way to get the home you’ve been looking for, while taking the stress out of the home buying experience.

Tell us when you’re ready to see what we have to offer!