Loving Life in New Hampshire

Life in New Hampshire

Those of us who have spent any time in New Hampshire already know what people continue to discover: our state is a great place to live. New Hampshire again made the top 10 list of best states to raise a family. One of the big advantages is its proximity to Massachusetts, which earned high marks in various categories of how these rankings are determined. But sales- and income tax-free New Hampshire has an edge over its neighbor to the south — housing and the overall cost of living are far more affordable than in the Bay State. And those factors are attracting professionals and families over the state line.

If your family is making the move to New Hampshire, there are a variety of cities and towns to choose from based on your preferences for the best fit. The southern part of the state includes urban options, as well as more rural communities without sacrificing what the larger towns have to offer. Some of our favorites include Merrimack, Hooksett, and Bedford, where brand new homes are ready for you to customize and make your own.

Living in New Hampshire also means access to your favorite recreational activities. Whether you hike, ski or snowboard, if you love camping, snowmobiling, or boating, or spending summer days on the lake or at the beach. New Hampshire has it all for winter, spring, summer and fall, without the traffic you’d be sitting in if you lived elsewhere. There are beloved attractions, too, such as Story Land, Santa’s Village, Mount Washington — fun for overnight excursions, but close enough for a day trip.

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