New Hampshire is a top place to live, and here’s why


How do you choose where to live, work and raise a family? In this day of modern mobility and digital connectivity, people are willing to expand their horizons and venture outside of the places they’re most familiar with or grew up in. For those thinking about making New Hampshire home, there are many reasons to move here; for New Hampshire natives thinking about the next stage of life, those same reasons might make you decide to stay put.
In a 2019 survey, U.S. News & World Report placed New Hampshire as the second best state in America to live in. The rankings are based on a variety of factors that professionals, businesses, and families consider when deciding where to plant their roots. Among the categories where New Hampshire rated highest was “opportunity,” which was defined as both educational and economic and includes housing affordability. The Granite state also ranked high in natural environment, which not only evaluated its beautiful surroundings enjoyed by visitors and residents alike, but the laws and regulations that protect them. The survey recognized our state’s declining crime rates as well.

WalletHub also is out with its annual list of best states to live in, and once again, New Hampshire falls in the top five, at number three overall. Among several distinctions, the Granite State earned points for lowest crime ratehighest percentage of residents with at least a high school diploma, and lowest percentage of the state’s population living below poverty level.

Taking a closer look at what makes New Hampshire special, its status as a tax-free state is an attractive trait not to be ignored. No income tax on your paycheck, no sales tax on your retail shopping sprees.

New Hampshire also is very business-friendly and has evolved with the economy. Manchester’s bustling millyard that churned out textiles for generations has gone high-tech. International biotech and engineering companies now occupy many of the buildings that line the Merrimack River.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of southern New Hampshire is its location. In the heart of New England, the region is an easy drive from cities like Portland, Hartford, Providence, and Boston. . .as well as every corner of our state. Enjoy the mountains, lakes and ocean on any given weekend, any season. New Hampshire can be a perfect alternative to the crowded and traffic-congested communities to our south — easy access to urban amenities when the mood strikes or work requires it, but you’ll get a lot more land and house for your money north of the state line.

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