Why Businesses Continue to Flock to NH

Moving to NHThere’s been a lot of recent discussion, and a little across-the-Massachusetts-border controversy, surrounding the topic of businesses that are, or potentially could be, moving to the Granite State. New Hampshire has long exuded quiet strength among its New England neighbors, as a popular vacation destination and coming into the public limelight every four years for its first-in-the-nation presidential primary.

Southern New Hampshire has been known for decades as a great place to live and play for the Boston workforce, and the state has improved the commute across the state line to help professionals easily access their jobs during the week while providing them ample opportunities to explore the mountains, lakes, and beaches on the weekends. The inconvenience of construction to widen the main north-south highway eases the traffic headache a bit and is an ultimate time-saver for the daily drive back and forth.

It’s no secret around here that New Hampshire residents have the best of both worlds, along with a comparatively lower cost of living and, oh, did we mention that our little state continues to be tax-free?

But now, New Hampshire is putting a new stake in the ground as a major center of industry. More companies are taking a fresh look at what the Granite State has to offer. Employment opportunities in the state have grown steadily since 2009, with an increase of tens of thousands of jobs between then and now. New Hampshire’s unemployment rate was 2.7% in September 2017, among the lowest in the country and about 1.5% below the U.S. national average of 4%. It’s not uncommon to see “help wanted” and “we’re hiring!” signs in shops and restaurants in any given community. It’s almost difficult to find folks who are looking for a job!

Manchester, Portsmouth, and now Londonderry, New Hampshire are teeming with higher-salary opportunities, most notably in technology, as 19th century textile mills have been transformed into modern lofts and high-tech workspaces attracting young professionals who see these areas as up-and-coming spots to call home.

You might have seen some of the most recent headlines about New Hampshire’s efforts to woo Amazon. The online retail giant is seeking a home for its second headquarters, which is projected to add 50,000 skilled jobs to the location Amazon decides to make its own. Our state and business leaders think New Hampshire has what it takes to bring them here.

Economic growth in New Hampshire means a natural uptick in the housing market, and all those people accepting new jobs here need a place to live. Considering a move to New Hampshire? Check out some of our hottest communities!