So You Want to Build a New Home. Where Do You Start?

new home where do you start

If you’re leaning toward buying a new construction home in New Hampshire, but don’t know where to begin the process, you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you’ve just started looking at different cities and towns and aren’t sure exactly where in New Hampshire you’d like to live. But once you decide, how do you find and choose the right home builder? Below are a few of the questions that home buyers should ask themselves — or a builder — when it comes to new construction and moving to a new community in New Hampshire.

Which city or town is the best fit for me and my family? New Hampshire has grown to be one of the most desirable states in which to live, and one of the attributes that draws people to move here, or stay once they live here, are the various lifestyles New Hampshire has to offer. Lakes, mountains, beaches, and culture are within an easy drive no matter where you settle in the state. Would you like to be within a few minutes of Manchester’s downtown restaurants and entertainment? Do you want easy access to major highways? Or would you prefer a community that provides a more country living, rural feel? In New Hampshire, even some of the smaller towns don’t require sacrificing the accessibility and proximity to surrounding cities while you plant roots for your family. Chances are, you can find an opportunity for building a new home in just about any community you choose.

Will I be able to pick my lot and floor plan? One of the unique benefits of working with a home builder, quite literally from the ground up, is having the chance to select the floor plan that best suits your style and needs, while also choosing where you’d like to be located. No trading location for property – or vice versa. A reputable, established builder will have many options you can consider.

How do I know what floor plan will work for me? Can I do a virtual tour before committing to a meeting or on-site walkthrough?
New construction homes typically have models for you to walk through. But even before you make that appointment, a virtual tour is a great way to get a sense of what your new home would look like — and if what you see is worth seeing in person. Virtual tours can be done at your convenience, from anywhere.

What is included in the price of building my home?
The starting price for each home, depending on style, floor plan and square footage, is based on certain assumptions. You might have a budget that allows you to upgrade items such as the standard fixtures and appliances.

Do I have the flexibility to choose amenities, appliances, colors, and styles that suit me?
Your builder should have a Design Center, or its equivalent, where you can choose colors, flooring, accessories and products for each area of your new home.

What is the difference between buying a standalone home or a property in a development?
If you are having a home built within a new development, it is important to know that these homes are not typically available all at once. Also, don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of empty lots. Home builders tend to release the homes in phases. It could take years for the new community to become full. Another option is to have a home built to plan on an open lot that your builder has available. Or, you may want a move-in ready home that has just been built and happens to fit your style and needs.

What else should I consider when reviewing my options?
We might have only scratched the surface on this topic, but professional builders are committed to walking you through the process and answering every question you might have.