Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

Time to rejuvenate your outdoors before the cookouts start this spring.  Here are 10 things to put on your outdoor spring cleaning checklist before the summer heat hits.

  1. Garage: Start with your garage by storing away winter sleds, shovels, and snow blowers. Then take out the summer gear; bikes, outdoors games and the beach gear. Stop at your local hardware store for hooks, shelving and plastic storage containers (available in many sizes and often stackable) so you can stay organized all summer long.
  2. Windows: Rain or shine, you can enjoy the view of fresh cut grass and spring flowers through your clean windows, so make sure your windows sparkle. Remove storm windows and replace with screens.
  3. Clean Window Screens: Don’t let dirt and debris fly in; properly maintained screens are vital for maximum airflow into the home.  Throughout the year, dirt and grime can coat your window screens. Exposure to the weather elements can leave your screens looking dingy.
  4. Gutters: A quick check to make sure no major debris clogged up in them during winter storms will save you money. Also check to make sure there are no areas that may have been damaged by ice or snow. If you do find damage, you’ll want to call your local contractor or gutter specialist to make an appointment before the next major storm.
  5. Siding: Pressure washing the siding of your house removes unwanted dirt and mold, and not only improving the appearance of your home, but protects the siding as well.
  6. Decking Boards: Inspect the wood for signs of rotting and make necessary repairs. Start by sweeping and scrubbing the wood clean; which is where pressure washing can also come in handy. You might need to add an extra layer of stain.
  7. Furniture: Last Fall you should have stored your patio furniture out of the elements; but if it has been out in the weather all winter, it will need to be scrubbed clean. If it had been stored inside, now is the time to brush it off and fluff it up so you can enjoy the sun.
  8. Grills: Clean the grills and handles, lubricate the lid, and send out a ‘save the date’ to your friends for your first barbecue of the season.
  9. Roof: Inspect the roof for leaks, missing or broken shingles or tiles. Arrange for any needed repairs early; roofing contractors can be hard to find during summer’s construction season.
  10. Outdoor Lighting: Check lighting and sprinkler systems for any needed repairs.