Fall Gardening for a Colorful Season and Spring Blossoms

fall gardening new hampshire

Summer’s blooms are long gone, but there are many rich, beautiful flowers and plants that thrive in fall’s cooler weather. Most of them are fairly simple to plant in containers and border gardens. Chrysanthemums are the most common flowers featured in fall landscaping. Mums come in a variety of colors we associate with autumn –…

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Spring Landscape Planning

Are you ready for warmer days, green grass, blooming flowers and plants, and enjoying longer, brighter afternoons in your yard? We are, too. Even though winter still has its grip on us, this is actually a great time to start planning for spring landscaping. With some smart preparation ahead of time, you’ll be in a…

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Spring Gardening For The Rookie

Spring Gardening

Do you have garden envy? If you find yourself scrolling online feeds of beautiful flowers, zen backyards, and homestead-worthy rows of fresh vegetables, dreaming of your own gardens, only to get overwhelmed by the prospect of designing, planting, and maintaining it…well, we understand. The planning alone can be a bigger undertaking than many of us…

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Designing Your Backyard Oasis

designing backyard oasis

We’re all spending a lot more time at home this spring. Even if we’re working outside the home for an essential business, fewer or non-existent extra-curricular activities and obligations mean we can more readily tackle some home projects, if we’re up for it.  And now that the weather is milder, outside might be a great…

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Preparing Your Garden Before Spring Has Really Sprung

Preparing Your Garden

This is the time of year most of us are looking forward to consistently warm days, budding trees, beautiful flowers, and fresh-from-the-backyard veggies. While spring season officially begins in March, we New Englanders know it could be weeks before winter is long behind us. Even before the last piles of snow melt and the ground…

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Late Summer Maintenance

late summer maintenance

While we would never suggest trading in a day at the beach or lake for something as mundane as changing out your air conditioner filters, there are some projects that should be on your late summer to-do list. Choose a rainy or cool day to get them done, or do a few at a time…

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Maximizing Your Outdoor Living Space for the Summer

outdoor living

New Englanders have many opportunities to appreciate the outdoors all year round. The lakes, seacoast and mountains of New Hampshire are part of what makes our state so special. Unlike those who live in warmer climates, however, we have a much shorter season to enjoy our own backyards. We have some ideas to maximize the…

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