Spring 2023 Home Design Trends

Spring is springing in New England, and the change to the warmer season always seems to put us in a mood to freshen up our living spaces. We’ve discovered some design trends we love in 2023, which include simple decor updates that will give any room a new look.

If self-care is important to you, making parts of your home feel like a private retreat can help. Swapping harsh light bulbs for soft hues, or fabrics in white and light blue shades will transform a bedroom into a restorative space you’ll love relaxing in.

Similarly, you can turn your bathroom into a spa away from home. Fluffy towels, bath mats, and calming scents bring the whole vibe together, along with some other essential elements. Eucalyptus in the shower is a new, healthy trend. Dog owners should take care, however – the plant is toxic to canines.

That’s not to say bold, happy colors don’t have a place in decorating this year. Take Pantone’s color of the year, for instance. Bring splashes of Viva Magenta into a room to add some vibrancy.

Furniture with softer edges is growing in popularity. Sofas, tables, and other pieces that curve bring a feeling of flow to a room, instead of boxy, hard edges.

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If texture is your thing, you might just fall in love with a look that is returning to homes everywhere. Natural coastal textures, such as rattan, wicker, linen, and whitewashed or distressed finishes are timeless for laid back comfort. Add touches of greenery to bring the outdoors into your home.

What’s your style and favorite color palette? We’d love to see the easy, creative ways you bring your home up to date. Share the befores and afters with us on Facebook or Instagram!