What’s all the Fuss about Open Plan Living?

Open Concept Living Room KitchenOpen plan living starts with taking down internal walls (or just not putting them in, in the first place) to combine the space of your living room, kitchen, dining room or even a home office. The bathrooms and bedrooms are kept closed off. It becomes all about the space, not the rooms.

While older homes have rooms designated for a single purpose such a traditional dining room or a family room, newly built homes blend areas and create open space. This open space is divided and broken up by furniture, and the additional space allows for easier transitions from room to room and gives the house a larger look.

The open concept is a reflection of our multi-purpose living, because it:

  1. Promotes interaction between family members, especially in locations like the kitchen and great room; you can be cooking while keeping an eye on the homework being done.
  2. Increases views and natural light.
  3. Removes those rooms that no one ever goes into (remember your childhood dining room for ‘Thanksgiving only’?
  4. Open concept living teaches everybody to cooperate, making space function for all.
  5. Hanging out together no longer means watching TV all the time.
  6. The person cooking or cleaning in the kitchen can have a conversation with people in other rooms.
  7. You can get household activities completed while still watching your kids play in the same room.

We find the majority of people searching for new homes now enjoy a more spacious design on the main level and smaller, separate rooms in the second floor, basement, or attic.

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Do you currently live with open plan living? What is your favorite aspect of it? Please leave your comments below.