Kitchen Cabinet Organization In 5 Steps

organizing mugs platesIt’s been just over a month since you promised yourself to “get organized.” Remember that New Year’s resolution? Just in case you didn’t make it to the kitchen cabinets yet; we are here to share some great kitchen cabinet organization tips. In just 5 easy steps, your kitchen cabinet organization will be complete!

Step 1: Empty Cabinets & Group Like Items Together

  • It is important to take everything out and group items together. Group items together by frequency of use. Your everyday dishes should be kept separate from your specialty dishes.
  • This is the time to decide what you can and can’t live without. If you haven’t used it, donate it, or sell it on ebay. Only keep the kitchen gadgets that you really use or those that are multi-functional. Don’t feel like you can’t say goodbye to those pieces that only get used once a year; because you can.


Step 2: Organize Shelves

  • Think about how you use your space and plan accordingly. Keep pots and pans by the stove. Keep food storage by the fridge and pantry. Keep dishwashing and cleaning supplies near the sink, etc.
  • Once you have your grouped items, add the items back into the cabinets starting near the ceiling.
  • Top cabinet shelves: Starting from the top, add your delicate items like china or fancy delicate dishes that are not often used. Avoid putting anything heavy on this shelf.
  • Middle cabinet shelves: This is where all of your frequent items are stored like everyday dishes and drinking glasses.
  • Bottom cabinet shelves: Heavy items like pots, pans, and juicers are placed here. Below the sink, stash cleaning supplies, extra rags and dishwasher soap.


Step 3: Use Wall, Celling & Inside Door Space

  • Add Mug Hooks: If you are a big coffee or tea drinker, install hooks under cabinets that hang over your countertops next to your coffee maker. It’s a great way to display mugs you love!
  • Hang a Stemware Rack: Free up flat space inside a cabinet.
  • Add Adhesive Hooks Inside of cabinet doors or pantry doors, hooks can hold items like measuring cups, oven mitts or other kitchen gadgets.
  • Mount a knife rack: Knife blocks are a huge waste of space. A trending way to get knife blocks off the counter is to make your own magnetic knife wall mount.
  • Mount spices: Get creative and use magnets to hook your spices inside your cabinet closest to the stove. A popular way to do this is to use metal tins.
  • Hang Pots and Pans: A great way to display your pots and pans is over your kitchen island. Pots and pans on the wall have also been quite popular. There are so many gorgeous pieces to hang your pots as well as fun do it yourself options.


Step 4: Add Lazy Susans & Drawer Dividers

  • If you don’t like things hanging, dividers and lazy susans are a great way to maximize space.
  • Rotating trays can be used to hold things such as oils, vinegars and other ingredients.
  • Drawer dividers are great for utensil drawers, cutlery drawers, food packing drawers and your junk drawers. Drawer dividers will allow you to assign a little spot for each thing, and you’ll be able to find things when you need them.


Step 5: A Spot For Papers

  • With your kitchen being the hub of the household; coupons, takeout menus, and pens are accumulating on countertops. Get a magnetic sorter box to hang on the side of the refrigerator and label each section.

Comment below: What’s is your biggest kitchen housekeeping/organizational challenge?