Are Urban Lifestyles Losing Their Lustre?

2020 seems to be the year Americans are taking stock of what matters to them most when it comes to work-life balance. If you didn’t have to live near your city-based office, where would you choose to make your home? Rural communities and open spaces are developing a renewed appeal as urban dwellers relocate to live closer to the things they like to enjoy outside of work hours.urban lifestyles

The recent opportunities to work remotely and create new home office spaces have prompted some to rethink their choices regarding where to live and why. Remote work environments might also become a more permanent option across industries, providing the perfect gateway to consider a move.

It’s also no surprise that health and safety considerations are part of the equation for couples and families looking for a change of scenery. Large cities around the country – New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami, to start, quickly became the focus of large scale efforts to treat patients affected by COVID-19. Crowded buses, subways and sidewalks made it especially difficult to prevent the virus as doctors and other health experts were still learning about how widespread it was becoming. At a time when social distancing remains in the forefront of every day living, the idea of putting a little extra space around us can be a benefit.

Affordability is another factor. A large home with plenty of land in New Hampshire — consistently a top state to live — close to the lakes and mountains can be far more affordable than a small condo with no outdoor space in the city. Many locations in New Hampshire are an easy commute from Boston, too, so you can still get into the city as often as you’d like. And small cities like Manchester, NH offer a great balance between more affordable and spacious living with the convenience of restaurants, shopping, and transportation – including a domestic airport –  just steps away from your door.

So what sounds good to you? Fishing, hiking, boating, and skiing on weekends — or even on any given weekday after work — just because you can? Contact us to see which of our communities is a fit for you and take a tour! We want to welcome you home to New Hampshire or invite you back to stay.