The Convenience of Work-from-Home

Two+ years into the major shift of work-life balance as we know it that the pandemic prompted in March 2020, many Americans are now working in ways that look vastly different than before and what they had envisioned for their futures. Once the initial disruption of 2020 began to subside, many workers — and their bosses and companies — realized that the remote or hybrid remote/office model offered some very real quality of life benefits.

Eliminated or less frequent commutes mean higher productivity for those who can log in from their home office, at least a few days a week. Time saved by avoiding traffic and the hassle of the car, bus, and train routine provides more flexibility for early conference calls or virtual meetings and completing tasks without factoring in travel time to and from the office.

Employees appreciate the newfound availability for family, exercise, and hobbies. Parents find themselves able to meet the school bus each afternoon, attend their children’s extra-curricular events, and take their turn driving the neighborhood carpool. Being home in the early evening means after-dinner walks, bike rides, and social activities. The opportunity to introduce a remote option to the workplace culture has raised an awareness that companies and municipalities can and should adjust their previously rigid schedules to allow more latitude for non-work activities — even during the middle of the day and week.

One of the biggest advantages of working remotely full-time is the freedom to live where you want, rather than on the most convenient commuter route. This has led to homebuyers following their interests and passions — rather than staying within a geographic area for the convenience of their employers’ location. If rural living is your style, but you’ve held back because it’s too far from your employer, working from home can allow you to make a move.

A change in lifestyle makes home buyers re-think what they want in a house to accommodate remote work. If a home office is a priority, there are many ways to create the right workspace. And we can help! Our communities of homes offer a variety of locations, styles, and floor plans that provide the options you’re looking for to bring work and home together seamlessly. Be sure to contact us for a virtual tour.