Do I Stay or Do I Move? Remodeling vs. Building New

Imagine it is 7:00 am and you are trying to make breakfast for the kids; there are dust and dirt everywhere. It’s pouring out, and workers are coming in and out of your house with muddy boots. Your dream home feels closer to a nightmare as you deal with the stress of living in your house while remodeling. Why interrupt your life with all that foot traffic, noise, and mess?

You’ve also likely heard remodeling horror stories from friends, and these tales are all too common. Anything that can go wrong seems to happen at the worst possible time. Once those walls start coming down, anything can happen. Cosmetic issues uncover more serious root causes and unforeseen issues cause extra delays. Suddenly, the project is taking twice as much time and costing twice as money than what you expected.

Moving boxes in new house.Knowing all of this, you may want to consider a home that is built from scratch in a beautiful community. A new build allows you to make sure that your home fits your needs right from the start. In addition to a layout that is perfectly designed for your family, you can be sure that critical infrastructure such as electrical and plumbing are both adequate and safe. While the typical mess of construction may be happening at the new home site, you won’t be living in it until everything is cleaned up and move-in ready.

There are financial advantages to a building vs. remodeling as well. A new home build is typically easier to finance than a remodel. Although you can get a loan from a commercial bank for a remodeling project, it typically means a second mortgage on your home. Those loans also come with a higher interest rate and stricter credit requirements. Unlike with a remodel, current tax laws provide incentives, credits, and favorable exclusions for those selling their home to buy a new one.

In addition to all of the practical considerations, there is something special about the fresh start that only new home construction can bring. Simply move in and enjoy pristine walls, shiny new floors, and modern appliances.

Book a personalized tour to see your options while walking through some model homes. Leave the sawdust, tools, footprints, and paint splatters at the construction site!

Let’s face it, new home construction beats remodeling.