10 Furniture Buying Tips for Your New Home

Every homeowner wants their furniture to have functionality, purpose, design and quality. But before you start shopping online or spending your weekends in furniture stores, check out these 10 furniture buying tips to keep you from “wasting” money:

  1. Always measure: Don’t make this premature mistake. Also be sure to account for any windows, doors, hallways and walking space in the area.
  2. Sketch out the room: Note in your sketch if there are unique assets, such as a triangular corner or cubby space. Write out all the measurements if you don’t already have a floor plan available to you.
  3. Consider scale: The piece of furniture you are eyeing in a showroom could look very different once it is in your home. Consider taking pictures of the wood textures, colors, and overall style of your home to bring with you to the showroom.
  4. Read reviews: If you are buying online, take time to read reviews. Determine if the color, quality, and ease of assembling will match your needs.
  5. Understand the materials: Look for quality hardwoods and materials that will hold up to everyday use. Ask: ‘what are they made of?’ Things that may look like “real” wood could be particleboard.
  6. Hire an expert: Whether you want custom interior design, feng shui, or you simply don’t want to get your hands dirty, hiring a local expert will help you get it right the first time.
  7. Consider whom you live with: If you have pets, young children or teenagers, consider choosing a stain resistant fabric over a white sofa.
  8. Don’t request too many opinions: Texting photos to friends and family or bringing them with you to the showroom can just be overwhelming and prolong the process.
  9. Avoid Fads: It’s important to find what is best for you and not focus on what’s “in” right now. Remember: shag carpeting and heavy floral draperies were once on the got-to-have trends list.
  10. Don’t buy everything all at once: It’s easy to overspend. Make a budget and stick to it. You don’t have to purchase everything in the beginning. Allow your house to become a home over time with pieces unique to you and your family.