Looking for a New Home? Fall is the Time!

Fall is the time to buy a new home

It used to be that couples preferred to plan spring and summer weddings. But the autumn months are growing in popularity for exchanging vows, and the same is true for home buying. Spring is still a great time for putting a house on the market — the weather after a long winter is better for hosting open houses and showing your home with colorful landscape in full bloom. But don’t discount the real estate market in October and November.

Competition decreases in the fall. For practical reasons, many families aim to move at the end of the school year or during the summer to transition the kids before the new school year begins. That means there are fewer buyers when the season changes, and it’s a great opportunity to negotiate a home’s listing price. On a related note, sellers whose homes have been listed since spring or summer also will be motivated to sell. Even those who put their houses on the market in September or October likely are hoping for a quick sale before the holidays. Take advantage of the calendar!

Enjoy being a priority client. When the summer selling season cools down, your real estate agent can focus energy and time on you. You might also find mortgage loan officers respond more quickly in the fall. Even scheduling a move will be easier. Moving companies will have more capacity and flexibility after the peak summer months.

Get a closer look at the home. Another benefit of looking to buy a house in the fall is that the weather can show a home’s true colors. That is, its flaw, which can be valuable when deciding if the home is the right one for you. Here in New England, you’ll get a good picture of how the house looks and feels in inclement weather. Is it gloomy and chilly on a rainy day? Can you detect the smell of mildew in the basement? Any issues the home has are likely to be revealed.

Furnish your new home for a steal. One of the big perks of buying a home in the fall are the end-of-year sales. Shopping for new appliances will be easier on the wallet in November and December, when washers and dryers, refrigerators, and stoves are at their lowest prices. Perfect timing for when you close on your new home and want to upgrade.

Consider new construction. You don’t have to wait for spring or summer to build your dream home. New construction is a smart option in the fall because builders work year-round, and you might be surprised at how easy it is to stay on schedule!

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