What You Could do with the $1Billion+ Jackpot in New Hampshire if You Won the Mega Millions

Mega Millions

Do you have a Mega Millions ticket, or a stack of tickets, in your wallet? Dreaming of what you could do with the billion-plus jackpot if your numbers came up? In New Hampshire, a billion dollars can go a long, long way. Here are a few things that we’d do. We’d love to know what you would add to this list – please comment with your ideas on Facebook or Twitter.

$$$ – Taxes. Let’s take those out of the equation first, then we can get to the good stuff. Don’t worry, you’ll still have more than you ever could have dreamed.

New Hampshire autumn

$20 Million – Buy an incredible property and build your dream home, complete with helicopter landing pad for those shorter excursions throughout the state. The most expensive property in New Hampshire, featured in Global Mansion, was listed for sale at just under $20 million in 2017.

Private Jet

$150 Million – Private Jet. At a median cost of $50 million to purchase your jet, outfitted with a few extra-special touches, and an estimated $2 million per year over 50 years for maintenance, fuel, pilot and staff, this may be your biggest expense. But not having to take your shoes off for security, wait in line on the tarmac for hours, or pour your shampoo into those tiny bottles? Well, that’s worth it

Private Jet Landing

Landing your private jet is convenient and relatively inexpensive (compared to other regions) in New Hampshire, with small airports ready to accommodate you in locations throughout the state. Simply arrange for your limo driver to pick you up at the runway.

Charity Giving

Now that you’ve had some fun for yourself and your family, you’re likely ready to think about where you can donate money to do the most good. The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation manages nearly 1,900 funds created by generous individuals, families and businesses, and awards more than $40 million in grants and scholarships every year. Your contributions, managed appropriately, could support the initiatives that are the most important to you and your family, and your generosity would have an incredible impact on future generations.