Not Just a Pretty Façade: What’s Behind Those Walls?

new home constructionWe’re proud that our homes have gained such a strong reputation in southern New Hampshire for their beautiful designs and features. Families love the walk-in closets, spacious kitchen pantries, hardwood floors, and front porches – just to name a few of the things that make living in one of our communities a dream. But there’s even more quality construction behind those walls than meets the eye!

Potential home buyers might have a lot of questions about what goes into the construction of a new house. The first thing to know is that LaMontagne Builders meets or exceeds most Energy Star and Build Green guidelines. That means the materials we use and our construction design are of the highest efficiency standards, without sacrificing building integrity or quality.

Insulation is a priority throughout your new home. Our roof trusses use less lumber to make room for more insulation, and additional insulation around windows and doors keep your home climate controlled. Quality windows, a 95% efficiency furnace, Energy Star-rated vents, and low flow faucets together help lower your utility bills. We also offer tankless water heaters and air cleaners to ensure high air quality indoors.

Take a tour to see our model homes in person and ask questions. Keep in mind that as you admire the visible beauty, we haven’t skimped on what’s behind the façade!