Crazy Fun & Fast Bathroom Decorating Ideas

All great bathrooms require good lighting, ventilation and storage. Each bathroom is compartmentalized into three fundamental areas:

1.     Shower area

2.     Sink and grooming area

3.     Toilet area

Bathroom Paint

These areas should be planned and decorated with your particular habits in mind.  While keeping your taste and habitats in mind here are some fun decorating ideas for the bathroom:

  1. Replace a mirror with chalkboard paint
  2. Use several mirrors instead of just one
  3. Paint the radiator
  4. Paint your tub a fun color
  5. Paint your curtain rod with a pop of color
  6. Choose a fun door; try using a barn door and making it slide
  7. Hang your towels on a rustic or industrial ladder
  8. Go wild with some lighting; a chandelier can make all the difference.
  9. Cover one wall in floor-to-ceiling shelving
  10. Paint the inside of shelves or cubbies with an accent color
  11. Create a larger feel by adding mock windows and frosting them in a bathroom without windows.
  12. Use a fabric canopy instead of shower curtains for your bathtub
  13. Paint floors with a high gloss instead of installing tile
  14. Use stencils on the walls or floors
  15. Stack crates for storage
  16. Use decals on the shower door and/or walls
  17. Add several pieces of artwork that show off your personal style

Remember: just a few changes will make a huge difference, from switching out the shower curtain and rugs to adding a new piece of lighting.