How Smart is Your Home?

Smart Home TechnologySmart technology has taken over almost every device and appliance we own: phones, cars, televisions, and even refrigerators. That same technology can be used strategically in your home as well. Do you know what options are available to make your home more functional?  There are install-it-yourself products that make them more affordable than they used to be.

You can start by getting a voice-controlled assistant if you don’t already have one. Amazon’s Alexa, Echo, Google Home, and Apple’s Siri can help regulate and control much of your smart home technology with simple commands. They’re also easy to set up and connect.

Outdoor security cameras have been growing in popularity for personal homeowners in recent years, but the newest upgrade is the video doorbell. It has a built-in camera and connects to an app that alerts you when someone rings the bell or triggers the motion sensor. You can check it from anywhere to see who’s there — whether you are home and want to avoid answering the door or miles away. Most models include a wifi-enabled speaker and microphone so you can also speak to the visitor and hear the response.

Are you ever on your way to work and wonder if you remembered to lock the front door? Smart door locks are the solution to that nagging feeling. Check the app on your smartphone to confirm the door is already locked or lock it right then if you see it isn’t. These 21st century locks also eliminate the need for spare keys. You can give friends and neighbors temporary access to the house with digital keys.

Window shades also are going high tech. Schedule them to go up or down depending on time of day and season. If you’re home and want to adjust the blinds for privacy or light, don’t stop what you’re doing. Just give the voice command.

Turn an ordinary light switch or lamp into something far more relaxing with the Drift Light. This is a normal bulb that becomes a self-dimming bulb, mimicking the setting sun and encouraging your body to get ready for sleep. It also has a nightlight function if you do not want it to turn off entirely.

Complete home security systems are more accessible and easy to install without professional help. SimpliSafe is one of many wireless alarm options.

Thinking about your next home and what smart choices you can make for it to function with modern day ease? Our designers can offer some ideas like these and more!