Simple Halloween Decorating For Your Home

Simple halloween decoratingDecorating for Halloween can be fun, with a little imagination. Whether you’re catering to your young children or prefer a more sophisticated look, there are lots of ways to spook up your home for the holiday. We’ve scared up a list of our favorite ideas.

The orange gourd is a Halloween staple, but pumpkins don’t have to look ordinary. Carving is fun for the kiddos, but consider something different. Paint the pumpkins black, then add costume ears, whiskers and other features to turn it into a cat. Or use green paint to create a witch’s face before topping it with a pointy hat. What about glitter? Design your pumpkins with a jack-o-lantern face or patterns that sparkle. Here’s a tip for making plain pumpkins last longer through the season inside or out: spray them with clear acrylic.

A mantle or shelf is a great place to set up a creepy, yet classy, ghost town. A few inexpensive wooden bird houses of varying sizes and design from the craft store can be painted black. Add some silvery glitter to add to the mystique. For a less spooky and more festive look, add traditional Halloween colors in orange and yellow. Here’s the tutorial.

Switch out the candles that normally sit in your holders and candelabras with black ones to provide a subtle ode to the holiday. Another simple, illuminating idea is to fill jars or hurricane lamps with candy corn around votives and pillar candles.

Plain throw pillows can be turned into a frightening accent. Buy a cheap one or add covers to your existing pillows that you can decorate with fuzzy yarn glued in a spider web design. A small plastic spider glued to the web is just the right touch to startle an unsuspecting guest. Learn how to do it here.

Don’t forget the powder room! Those fake spiders, bats, eyeballs or other small plastic Halloween novelties look great in a hand soap dispenser you can see through with clear soap.

We want to see how you decorate for Halloween. If you use any of these ideas or some of your own, show us your photos on Facebook!