How To Sell Your Home Before The Holidays

How to Sell your Home before the HolidaysThis time of year, homebuyers looking to move probably hope to do so before the end of the year. If you’re ready to sell your home before the snow hits and the ground freezes this winter, you’ve only got a few weeks to entice those last-minute buyers who want time to get settled into their new home by mid-December!

Here are some ways you can get your home show-ready to entice buyers to make quick decisions in early and mid-November:

Clear out the clutter

Fewer pieces of furniture and knick-knacks will make a house look bigger. But don’t use the closets and cabinets to hide things away! Predictably, potential homebuyers will open every door to assess the availability of storage space. Clear out the clutter and personal items such as holiday decorations, toys, baby gear, seasonal clothes, and even the small appliances you never use that just collect dust in the kitchen. If necessary, rent a short-term storage unit if needed for overflow.

Lighten up

Don’t let poor lighting darken the feel of your home. Experts suggest using the highest wattage light bulb for any particular light fixture to instantly brighten up a room. When you leave the house for showings, open all the curtains and blinds and turn the lights on.

Repair and refresh

Make small repairs that are easy to fix. Take the opportunity to give some rooms, trims and hallways a fresh coat of paint. Don’t forget a good, deep cleaning. Cut the lawn and shape the shrubbery, replace your months’ old mulch, and plant some fall flowers. Asking a professional to give you a hand could be a worthy investment. If you’ve got Halloween decorations hanging around outside, put them away.

Boost the curb appeal

Speaking of outside, if your home’s exterior doesn’t look good at first sight, a buyer won’t even consider looking at the interior. In addition to landscaping, consider pressure-washing your house, walkways, and driveway, or adding a fresh coat of paint to the shutters. Take care to address the smallest details. Polish the front door’s hardware, and clean any cobwebs or bird droppings off your front steps.

Picture perfect

Ready to show off your home? Don’t use your own photos for the listing. Hire a professional photographer to capture your home in the best light and angles, or work with your real estate agent’s photographer. Give yourself every advantage to entice the perfect buyers who might otherwise overlook your home because of poor picture quality.

Spread the word!

Tell everyone you know that your home is on the market. A wide network of friends, family, coworkers, and social media connections could reach into the thousands and you never know who might know someone that is looking to move into your town or neighborhood. Along with the listing, share your thoughts on how much you’ve loved living in your house and neighborhood. A little positive reinforcement can sway a potential buyer from no to yes. Be flexible about days and times for your home to be shown. If you’re willing to vacate any time you get a call, the odds of finding a buyer increase.

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