Reset Your Décor in 5 Easy Steps

Reset Your Decor in 5 Easy StepsThe cool winds of fall are starting to blow, and it is the perfect time to freshen up things indoors as well. Luckily, small changes in your home décor can go a long way!

Here are five ways to reset your interior design without breaking the budget:

1. Reorganize: Starting with the rooms closest to the front door, focus on any areas that look cluttered or disorganized. Donate, store, or throw away anything that no longer serves you. Get modern baskets to hide and organize items on exposed shelves and reorder stacks of books by color or size. Clear surfaces, and arrange personal belongings thoughtfully.

2. Reconfigure: Imagine each room as an empty box and think of all the possibilities. Move furniture around, change light fixtures, and swap pictures onto new walls and/or into new frames. Go “shopping” in your own house to find the perfect items for each space. Don’t be afraid to move a dining room chair into a bedroom or living room, or maybe that end table that fits perfectly next to the front door with a new flowering plant. Think outside the box!

3. Redecorate: 
You can create a completely new look with one fresh can of paint in a different color and a few coordinating fabrics. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns! If painting a wall is too much of a project, consider painting door trim and baseboards for a quick fix. Look online through Pinterest boards and online magazines for inspiration, then do as much (or as little) as you feel comfortable. Explore your unique style!

4. Recycle: Recycling gives furniture and accessories a new life! Best of all, it works both ways. You may have items you can send away to a new home, and you may be able to “inherit” a few key pieces as well. For any new pieces you acquire, consider recovering fabrics or changing out hardware to get the exact look you want.

 Reinvigorate: Bring new life to your home by engaging the senses. Experiment with beautiful candles in seasonal scents and add brightly colored flower arrangements. Incorporate a variety of textures from shiny and smooth, to soft and luxurious. Have carpets cleaned to renew their former plush. Look online for products and techniques to make your ceramic tile and hardwood floors look brand new again. Something as simple as freshly washed windows lets the sun shine through and gives the whole house a brighter look!

As you refresh your décor, you’ll find that you enjoy your home more as well. You can do a little bit at a time, or invite a few friends over and get it all done in one weekend. Every small improvement can make a big difference.

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