It’s Time to Sell, Now Choose a Realtor

Choose Realtor to Sell HomeFinding the right realtor to market your house is a critical step in the success of selling your home. When you know how to make the right choice, you’ll avoid wasting time and money in the long run.

To start, ask at least three real estate agents to provide listing presentations. Informed and experienced realtors will tell you what comparable homes have sold for and how long they take to sell. All of the suggested listing prices should be in the same ballpark because the data available for the agents to base them on will be the same. Keep in mind that pricing a home too high at the start often means it takes longer to sell and ultimately sells for less.

It’s helpful to seek out an agent who specializes in listings in your neighborhood. Not only is he or she likely to know the market well, but that expert might also have leads on buyers who are looking for a home just like yours.

Make sure the realtor you choose regularly lists your type of property. That is, don’t work with an agent to sell your condominium if he or she has little experience with condos. You’ll also want to know that your home will get the same amount of attention as homes in other, higher price ranges. An agent who won’t put as much effort into finding a buyer for you because a luxury listing is taking up her time isn’t for you.

Ask questions before you commit to a selling agent. When you’re talking to different realtors, find out how many listings they have, how they’ll target potential buyers, and what their most successful marketing strategies are. Asking for references is a good idea, too. A successful and reputable agent will be happy to let you speak with satisfied sellers. It’s also important to know how often your agent will communicate with you and what his or her process is for showing your home. Find out what’s expected of you as the seller.

Above all, you should choose the real estate agent you’re most comfortable with and trust to get you the highest price possible in the current market. The process should be painless once you have an expert in charge. An experienced listing agent will think like a buyer and offer valuable but easy tips for showing your home in the best light.