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We strive to be a source of information for homeowners and homebuyers in New Hampshire. Look to us for tips on creating your dream home, navigating the financing process, and decorating to make a house your own.

These are our most popular blog posts over the past few years, ranked in order by the number of times shared. Read on for a refresher, or check out any you might have missed!

New Construction: From Site Visit to Move-in Day

How long does it take to build a home? From choosing a floor plan to receiving the keys to your front door, this is an outline of what you can expect.

home construction timeline


This One Credit Score Improvement Could Save Over $40,000 On Your Mortgage

You’ve heard how important your credit score is in getting approved for a mortgage as well as the terms of your loan. Learn how you can save thousands by improving your credit.

Credit Score to save on mortgage


Adding onto Your Home vs Moving

Is it time to move, or should you consider building onto your current home? It’s a difficult decision for some families who love where they live but acknowledge that they’ve outgrown their current house. This is where we try to help you sort out the pros and cons.

Home Addition vs. Moving


Green Home Cleaning That Actually Works – Getting Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

The winter holiday season is busy enough without adding backbreaking house chores and cleaning to your to-do list. We pass on a list of easy, chemical-free cleaning recipes to get ready for your guests.

green home cleaning


Fall Fashion Trends for Home

Fashion isn’t only for runway models. Your home can benefit from the creativity and influence of designers to give your home an up-to-date look in every room. Check in with us a couple of times a year to see what’s new.

Fall Fashion Trends for Home


Buying a Home in the Competitive Spring Market?

Don’t be overwhelmed by the prospect of looking for the perfect home in a competitive market. You just need to know how to set your house-related priorities and stay focused on your goal.

buying home competitive market


Not Just a Pretty Façade: What’s Behind Those Walls?

The homes we build are known for beautiful designs in sought-after neighborhoods, offering high quality features. But there’s so much more! Learn why we’re proud of LaMontagne homes.

behind the facade


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