What Not to Pack Away on Moving Day

What not to packWhen it’s time to pack for a house move, it’s tempting to grab everything and put it in a box, but even the most organized packers might find themselves scrambling to find essential items they wish they could put their hands on more easily on their first day in their new home. We have a list of some things you will want to set aside to place into a special moving day bag or container.

1) Cell phone, tablet and laptop chargers. It’ll be a long day of traveling, unloading and organizing. Don’t risk running out of juice on your electronic devices when you want to play music, need to make a call, or just want to take an online break. Keeping chargers handy makes plugging in at day’s end easier.

2) Toiletries and medications. Pack a small suitcase or duffle bag as though you’re going away for the weekend. You’ll want your toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, and maybe a razor. Prescriptions, pain reliever, band-aids, and contact lens solution also are important to tuck in a safe place.

3) Shower curtain with hooks and toilet paper. On a related note, make taking your first shower and using the bathroom more comfortable those first couple of days by remembering where you packed these items that are surprisingly easy to overlook.

4) Bed sheets and pajamas. One of the first things you’ll want to do for everyone in the family is make the beds when you arrive in your new home. No one is going to feel like doing that at the end of the day when they’re exhausted and ready to fall into bed. Keep sets of sheets and pajamas separate from your other household linens and clothes that have been packed so that you can change and have a clean bed ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

5) Paper plates, cups and plasticware. At some point you’ll be hungry. If you have food delivered, don’t delay eating by having to look for plates and utensils.

6) Pet gear. Keep your pets in mind for moving day too. Know where you packed the food and dishes to feed them. When it’s time to go for a walk, you’ll want the leash and the doggie bags for picking up after your pup.

7) Cleaning supplies. As you spend the day unloading a moving van and vehicles, even a relatively empty house can get a bit messy. A broom and dustpan for floors along with rags or paper towels and spray cleaner for surfaces will help you clean as you go.

8) Tools and utility knife. Make unpacking faster by keeping handy any necessary tools to help open boxes, make small repairs, or disassemble & assemble furniture easily.

9) Jewelry, cash and other valuables. Don’t leave important items and documents in a box that ends up on the moving van. Make sure to keep those things with you to ensure their safekeeping.

10) A corkscrew or bottle opener, kettle or coffee maker. Celebrate a successful moving day with a toast before going to bed then wake up in the morning ready to brew your favorite breakfast beverage!

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