New Hampshire Homes and Real Estate For Sale

Lamontagne Builders – Building Houses and Homes Around New Hampshire.

We have been building homes and houses for the southern New Hampshire community since 1964. If you have a community development project that you would like to get underway, Lamontagne Builders is a local NH community developer with three generations of experience.

Home Building

A house doesn’t make a home, the people make the home. When we are building homes around New Hampshire we know that it’s more than a neighborhood we’re building; it’s a community. Our “Family Community” paradigm puts the livelihood of southern New Hampshire living before anything else.
Over the years we have transormed real estate into places of living. Our unique design center allows potential clients to outline home building desires to ensure that the house is built new to the specifications of your liking. Pre-construction of homes is a crucial part of our process.

Real Estate

We build, and have homes for sale, on real-estate all over New Hampshire. Some of our communities are located on beautiful real-estate in Manchester, Bedford, Merrimack, Londonderry, and Goffstown.
Feel free to check out some of our available homes and real estate in our gallery.

Our community building services the following New Hampshire areas:

• Merrimack
• Manchester
• Derry
• Londonderry
• Bedford
• Hampstead
• The surrounding New Hampshire area

Homes for Sale

The homes and houses that we have for sale around New Hampshire are of premium quality. With the houses and the real-estate market at a unique crossroads, we believe that it’s an advantageous time for the sale of homes. We have homes available for communities and single families.
If you would like to inquire about community development please contact us at 603-668-7933.
We are locally owned and operated out 317 South River Road in Bedford, New Hampshire.