The Cost of Moving in New Hampshire

Cost of Moving in NHWe all know relocating is on the top five most stressful life events list. No matter the distance from your old place to your new home, there is a lot to think about. And the expenses that come with relocating can add to the burden of planning a successful move. We can help you run the numbers so you know what to expect.

At some point in our adult lives, we realize the convenience of paying someone else to do the heavy lifting. Literally speaking. Moving furniture and coordinating transportation of all your belongings can be too much of a physical and logistical challenge for many families. Ultimately, the decision to hire professional movers depends on several factors, including your budget and location of your new home. Even if you don’t move yourself, there are ways to save money.

On average, a local move could cost you anywhere from $80 to $175/ hour for two movers and a truck. The total cost can be based on the number of furnished rooms in the home you’re moving from since that’s how they can estimate the number of hours. The rule of thumb is usually 4-6 hours for a 2 or 3-bedroom home. Add another couple of hours for a larger home. A good equation to keep in mind is: Moving Time = (Access to items X # of items to move) + Prep & Packing + Drive time in between homes + Placement Decisions.

Do Your Research

Since prices vary, you will want to get several quotes for the job then make your choice according to price, services included, and the company’s reputation. You’ll get a more accurate estimate if the mover comes in person to see everything and provides you with a written quote. Couples and families who are relocating locally sometimes have more time and flexibility when moving into their new home. If you plan to move over several days, you could transport a lot of smaller things yourself thereby leaving bulky items and furniture to the movers. Be sure to explain that to the movers when getting your estimates because it could affect the cost in your favor.

Distance is the other big factor when determining moving costs. While a local move will often charge an hourly rate, a move that requires traveling across state lines more than 100 miles will charge you a flat rate starting at about $2,000.

Schedule in Advance

It’s best to call movers to reserve their services at least four weeks in advance of your move. As you might imagine, the months between May and September are considered “peak” moving season — that means higher rates and busier moving companies with full schedules. If you’re moving during the late Spring or Summer, allow for more than four weeks notice. If your relocation date is flexible, consider non-peak months for a lower cost. Following a timeline and checking off a to-do list can help alleviate moving stress.

Have a Packing Party

Packing all your belongings yourself is another way to save on moving costs. It takes more planning and organization because you’ll need the boxes to be carefully packed, sealed, labeled and ready to go when the movers show up. But if you’re on a tight budget, then it’s worth not paying the extra hourly rate for movers to pack. So, call your family and friends, grab some pizzas, turn up the music and have a packing party.

Use What You Have

Save old newspapers and packing materials from online shopping deliveries, as well as boxes instead of buying boxes and supplies. Check grocery stores and liquor stores for sturdy boxes. The boxes that reams of copy paper come in are also good ones for packing. Use your own towels, blankets, and comforters to cushion some fragile items rather than purchasing bubble wrap.

Purge, Declutter & Donate

Cargo weight can add to the final moving cost. That’s why it’s smart to consider not taking every item with you to the new home. Take this opportunity to clean out, donate, throw away, and sell whatever you don’t need or want. It’ll save time and space on moving day. And if you’re moving with kids, we’ll leave it up to you as to how much you would like them to be involved in this process.

Calculate Everything

There could be surcharges for moving items such as a piano, swing sets, a riding lawn mower, and extra-large or heavy furniture. If any of those are on your list to bring with you to your new home, make sure you ask about additional fees so you aren’t surprised when you get the bill.

Portable Storage Units

Another money-saving option is to rent a moving van to load and drive yourself. That puts the heavy lifting back on your shoulders, though, and if you’re not comfortable with a long drive in a truck much bigger than your SUV, there’s yet another option to consider: a storage container. Some moving companies provide portable units to transport your belongings. That means, they will drop off a container at your home, you fill it on your own time — take days or weeks, whatever works for you — then the movers pick up the container and drive it to your new home. You meet them there and unload it yourself.

No one loves the task of moving. BUT nearly everyone agrees the effort is worth it when you’re peacefully settled in your new home. Are you looking for a dream home? See what we have to offer in southern New Hampshire! Call us today for a tour.