Manchester New Hampshire Real Estate for Sale!

New House For Sale in Manchester NH!

new home for sale manchester nhLamontagne Builders has a listing for our new house for sale in Manchester NH: 1110 South Beech Street (SALE PENDING)

We have houses for sale in Manchester NH and the surrounding areas of Merrimack, Bedford, Londonderry, and Bedford.

This particular house in Manchester NH is a beautiful multi-story estate.

The unit is on real-estate listings for $229,900.

The new home has a gorgeous yard, and is located at a remote—but nearby—location to the city. If you are looking for a place for you and your family to live, 1110 South Beech Street here in Manchester is a great choice. The house is equipped with quality maple cabinets and crown molding. It comes with the following utilities: city water, sewer, and natural gas.houses for sale manchester nh

See the floor plan of the new home in Manchester NH!

Check out the incredible spacious layout off the new house. The first floor has a central stairwell. The second floor is complete with two bedrooms and a third master bedroom with lots of square feet.

The ground floor comes with a beautiful deck for outdoor living. If you would like to host guests or have company over, this unit is the choice for you. If you are interested in living near the city, but still having serene and open real-estate, this Manchester New Hampshire real estate is an  affordable solution.

Lamontagne Builders offers easy financing for potential home owners. It is our goal as community builders to provide new and affordable homes for sale around Manchester NH.

This unit is ready for immediate occupancy. Feel free to stop by and check it out, or call us for more information. If you are interested in the new home on 1110 South Beech Street, give us a call at 603-668-7933.