Home Design Trends for 2020

A new decade calls for fresh touches around the home. How would you like to update your interior? We have the low-down on this year’s design trends.

First, color. The color of the year as named by the Pantone Color Institute is Classic Blue. It’s a deep shade, some say reminiscent of the sky at dusk. If you prefer not to paint the walls, consider other ideas, including accent pieces such as vase or throw pillows. You don’t have to be locked into Classic Blue for a modern look. This year, neutrals will be replaced by warm, earthy tones. Choose one to go with your current color palette or create a whole new combination of colors for your living space. And some design experts say shades of muted pink will be more popular this year, too.

In the kitchen, go two-toned. Growing in popularity is the idea of using a darker color for the lower cabinets and a lighter shade for shelves and cabinets that sit higher up. You could do a basic contrast of black and white, or simply choose a color to go against a light or dark wood.

Texture plays an important part in making rooms look and feel inviting. A focus on boucle started last fall and will move well into this year. The looped yarn fabric is warm and cozy. Try layering up different textures in the same or similar colors. It’s a perfect way to mix things up without using too many different colors or want to stick to neutral tones.

When it comes to patterns, terrazzo is new again. But we’re not talking about just for the floor. Terrazzo accents are available in rugs, lamps, and even bathroom accessories.

Couples and families are more likely to stay in rather than go out for entertainment. Create sociable spaces in 2020. Instead of lining them around the perimeter of the room, place sofas and chairs in clusters for gathering. If you have the room for it, create a different area for watching television.

Whatever 2020 brings, it’s up to you to select the design options that make your home feel most comfortable and functional. What are your favorite ways to create fresh looks for the new year?