Fall 2019 Interior Design Trends

Recently, we shared a glimpse into our model home at Greenfield Farms in Merrimack, NH, which was styled and staged by our friends at New England Staging & Interiors. You might have been surprised to see it features wallpaper in some rooms, a design element that has fallen out of favor in recent decades. After all, many of us remember growing up with some type of fruit, flower, or vegetable on our walls, and we swore we’d never do that in our own homes.

But wallpaper has come a long way, and it’s making a comeback. Today’s styles include muted, textured, metallic, silk, digitally-printed, small- and large-scale prints, bold colors, and everything in between. Wallpaper can add a touch of luxury and unique style to otherwise flat color walls. There are all kinds of wallpaper choices to consider. The right pattern in the right room can create just the right vibe, whether it’s whimsical, calming, artistic, modern, or traditional. Cover all four walls, or just an accent wall.

This year has seen other popular decorating trends. Big, bold plants are one. Think about making a statement with a rubber tree or some other eye-catching foliage. But even if you don’t go big, any touch of green will make your home inviting — and healthy! Consider non-traditional planters in favor of glass and ceramic vases or pots. Don’t forget to consider what kind of care is required before choosing the types of plants and placement in the house.

When it comes to fabrics, go for wools, cotton, or linen in your design scheme. These materials are healthy, cleanable, breathable and they wear well.

Bold colors are in, such as navy blue, deep red, and burnt orange. But to be effective, those shades should be balanced with neutral hues like white or gray. Be smart about bold color, using it either as a statement piece or an accent.

Speaking of color — don’t ignore the opportunity to give the “fifth wall” of any room a shock of color. 2019 is the year to take a design leap of faith by painting the ceiling. It’s a great way to make some ceilings feel higher, and in other cases, you can make a space — like a bedroom or dining room — feel intimate.

You should always decorate with your own family and preferences in mind. But have you made a design decision out of your comfort zone that you love? Tell us about it!