Fall Farmers Markets: What to Buy and How to Prepare it

NH fall farmers markets

Is there anything cozier on a cool fall day than a hot meal from your crockpot, or homemade soup? We all know summer is a great season for buying fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms, but you can still get wonderful local produce in the autumn months, and even all winter long.

Local farms offer so much more than apples and pumpkins this time of year. Check out the full list of farmers’ markets in New Hampshire. Choose one close to home, or plan a road trip for leaf-peeping this fall and stop at a farm stand for dinner’s main ingredients. We found some valuable tips to make the most out of browsing and selecting items.

First, show up early or arrive late. Getting there when the market opens will give you the best selection to choose from, and there will be fewer shoppers crowding the stalls. But waiting to arrive until it’s almost closing time can yield the best bargains. You’ll find that vendors will often discount their products to avoid having to load up their vehicles with unsold goods.

Bring your own bags, including a couple of larger ones to carry all of your finds, as well as smaller bags for items you might want to wrap separately from the rest. Vendors also appreciate small bills and coins. Breaking large denominations or offering credit card transactions isn’t always convenient or possible.

Use the farmers’ experience and wisdom. Chances are, you’ll see some interesting vegetables that you may want to try. Talk to the vendors for information about their produce — the growing season, varieties, and suggestions for the best ways to prepare it.

Seek out some recipes to be inspired. How about this farmers market stew? It’s a great way to use a variety of veggies and perfect for warming up on a chilly day. What are your favorite orchards, farm stands, and markets in New Hampshire? Let us know where you like to explore and find the best flavors of fall!