Buying a Home in the Competitive Spring Market?

buying home competitive marketThe spring market in New England is typically very competitive, particularly for anyone looking to buy a new home. After holding out through the cold winter months and the holiday season, new home buyers come out in droves when those first spring listings start to appear. With so many buyers flocking to the market, the inventory of available properties is once again extremely limited. In addition to making the search more difficult, this also means a potential bidding war if and when a buyer does find their dream home. The whole process can become difficult and frustrating.

To start the process off on the right foot, begin with a solid checklist of needs and wants. Know your deal breakers as well as where you are willing to be flexible. Do you have a specific location in mind? Do you need a required number of bedrooms and bathrooms? Is a garage a “must have” or a “nice to have” item? How much work and money would you be willing to invest to make an existing home everything you want and/or need it to be?

Another important consideration is financing. Be sure to have all of your documents organized, get pre-approved, and create a budget that considers the many costs of buying a home. Having your financial ducks in a row will give you a solid sense of what you can really afford, and allow you to move quickly when you are ready to move forward on your dream home.

Finally, don’t settle. For many, buying a new home is the biggest investment they will make in their lifetime. In addition to the financial commitment, it is where you will be spending a large portion of your life, where you will enjoy family and friends, and where you will create lasting memories. This is not a time to rush into something that isn’t quite right.

One way to get exactly what you want without having to look for that “needle in a haystack” or fighting a sea of other buyers, is new home construction. Having a new home built for you allows you to pick a design that fits your exact needs and preferences.

There are many opportunities in New Hampshire to purchase new construction and build a personalized house to suit your needs. Step away from the typical stress of house hunting, and create a dream home that is uniquely yours.

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