7 Signs You Should Invest & Buy a Home in Manchester, NH

LaMontagne - Blogs (2 of 2)Do you want to live in the heart of New England, with easy access to everything you want to do?

Manchester, NH might be the perfect spot for your new home!  Also known as the ‘Queen City,’ Manchester has the largest population of any city in the state with approximately 110,000 people.  It also offers premier access to other great cities!

It should be an easy choice but if you are still in need of some convincing, here are seven signs you should look for a new home in a Manchester, NH community:

You love to travel.

The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport offers convenient and affordable access to anywhere you want or need to go. Parking, check-in, and security are also usually a breeze. If you travel for work, have family overseas, or just love jetting away to somewhere sunny during the winter months, you’ll be all set!


You love to learn.

Looking to go for that Masters Degree? Maybe you’re still deciding what to do next, or just love to college town feel. Manchester, NH has eleven colleges and universities represented as well as numerous vocational programs. You’ll have access to workshops, certifications and great events at colleges like New Hampshire Institute of Art, University of New Hampshire and Southern New Hampshire University.


You care about your health.

In Manchester, healthy living is apparent from all the outdoor activities to the walkable downtown area. Our hospitals have cutting-edge service technology with incredible team members. Manchester, NH was even voted by Men’s Health magazine as one of the healthiest places for men to live.


You’re want to work for a great company.

Version Communications, Eversource, and Citizens Bank are just some of the largest employers of Manchester, NH. However, if you are looking to work for a startup or you appreciate technology, you can join one of the fastest growing companies like Dyn.


You love affordability.

You don’t need to have a Queen’s fortune to live in the Queen City! If you love saving money, you’ll really appreciate the cost of living in your new hometown of Manchester, NH. The city ranked on several list such as CNN and Forbes for top affordability and livability of American cities.


You love sports.

Manchester has a rugby club, baseball team, ice hockey team, area football team, soccer team, and even a women’s tackle football team. There is even a big following for the women’s roller derby.


You appreciate art and culture.

The artist scene in Manchester, NH continues to grow. Whether it’s a local weekly poetry slam, “Slam Free or Die,” or monthly delicious Jazz Brunches at the Currier Art Museum, which includes works by Picasso and Monet. You can visit the Palace Theatre over and over for all your musicals and comedy shows in town and dine out at some of the top restaurants that bring diversity from Greek, Indian, Italian and much more!

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