Cool Off in Your Backyard – Without a Pool

backyard water funNeed a reprieve from the sweltering sun, but just don’t have the money in your budget to find an entertaining way to cool off? There are some great ways to beat the heat without digging into your savings. For instance, consider your own backyard. Have you thought about transforming your backyard into a water park wonderland?

  • The Waterslide:
    No need for water towers here. All you need is a tarp, baby shampoo, and a hose! Go for a ride that’s guaranteed to put a chill in your backyard water games. Join in on the water fun without the pool by going yourself or inviting friends and their children over to slide their way towards wet and wild.
  • Water Limbo:
    See how low you can go by adding a component of water to limbo. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. The best part is that if you lose at this game, you still win because you’re still getting wet and staying refreshed. An excellent game for children. You may even decide to lose on purpose!
  • Aquatic Dodgeball:
    It’s a new, cool take on the gym-class original. Water balloons become the ball to dodge in this fun-filled, simple and inexpensive game.

A Step in the Right Direction:

Everybody knows that pools are expensive. It’s true, but they don’t have to be. They’ve come a long way and you might even enjoy the opportunity to dive deep into your own backyard pool. Above ground pools were never particularly stylish, but if you decide to add a few finishing touches in just the right way, you can turn an eyesore into a high score of class and elegance. Here are a few examples that will make you rethink the idea of above ground pools: (link to examples)

Knock on Wood:

A pool surrounded by stained wood adds elegance and the comfort of a hotel resort without the hotel. Integrate that with a deck or patio, a few sleek wooden lounge chairs and a stack of white fluffy towels, and your backyard becomes a resort getaway!

Deckside Manor:

Perhaps you may even choose to have a short-width pool that stretches as long as your deck. It’s a stylish and sleek take on the above ground pool, and can be designed with paving bricks or painted to match your deck, so it all flows together.

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