5 Ways To Make Your Front Entrance Pop

Do you have an influx of people coming to your home because it’s on the market? Or perhaps you are prepping for an upcoming party?

When guests arrive you want to make sure you have a clear, well-lit and maintained area for both aesthetics and safety.  Here are 5 ways to do that well:

1. Keep It Clear

Trim and/or remove overgrown plants blocking the view of the front door and windows or spilling into the walkways. If you are too busy to actively maintain your shrubbery, try some plants and flowers in pots. Pots allow you the flexibility to move your plants around and they are easier to maintain.


2. Pop Of Color

“I’m the house with the red door.” Add a punch of bright, bold paint on your door. Let it contrast with the siding and add some serious curb appeal while showing off your personality. Consider the style of your home and choose colors that fit you and your home. Check out our Pinterest Boards to get inspired.  


3. Create An Outdoor Room 

Create a space for outdoor living by adding weather resistant furniture to your porch. A small bistro table is perfect for cozy spaces. A bench and some potted plants or an herb garden will give your home a friendly, warm, inviting look and feel.  And it will be a great space for having your morning coffee or stargazing with a glass of wine in the evening.


4. Light the Way

Rule of thumb: don’t overdo it with lighting. Keep it simple, don’t mix and match lighting fixtures. Allow for spacing. Place all lighting on switches at all entrances and exits of your home for convenience and accessibility.


5. Upgrade Your Path

Add pavers to lead up to your front door for a polished look. Pavers add beauty and uniqueness to every home. Well-designed walkways give your home a warm and welcoming feeling. For a dramatic improvement or for something more simple go with brick or stone borders.

Add these steps this to your Spring To-Do List and make every entrance a grand one.


We’d love to hear your comments: what do you love about your home’s entrance?