2017 Home Trends – Hot or Not?

2017 Home TrendsThink green in 2017. Varying shades of green are hot this year in home decor, either on your walls, furniture accents or in an area rug. That’s not the only trend you’ll see or want to incorporate into your own home. We’ve got a short list to get your creative juices flowing.

Marble isn’t new this year, but it’s growing in popularity. Kitchens and bathrooms are great places in the home to highlight marble’s clean and natural elements.

Homeowners and home designers also have a new appreciation for the cost-saving benefits of faux finishes. When the real thing is unaffordable, manufactured alternatives can be just as attractive and sometimes even longer-lasting. Love the look of ceiling beams but worry about maintaining the wood and avoiding rot or warping? Faux wood beams can provide the natural appearance and texture you want.

A classic choice in 2017 for your backsplash is subway tiles. The best thing about using them is you can customize the look you’re going for with different colors, finishes and effects. No matter the rest of the decor, you can find a way to make subway tiles fit in naturally and perfectly. If a backsplash isn’t enough, consider what an entire wall would look like tiled.

For a metal finish that warms instead of chills a space, go with bronze. Designers like it because bronze can go with a variety of decorating styles. Use it in the kitchen with cookware or serving pieces, in light fixtures and lamps, and accent pieces like vases or sculptures.

Mixed patterns in fabrics have made their way from the fashion runway to bedrooms and other living spaces. Don’t worry about matching solids and colors as closely as you might have in the past.

As mentioned earlier, Greenery is the Pantone color of the year and is expected to make a splash in homes. In addition to that lush, bright hue, deep jewel tones are a definite “in” for 2017. Choose deep reds, blues and golds for throw pillows or other accent pieces. Coordinate those with beige undertones.

Also trending this year is a shift toward a preference for antique and unique furniture. Think more well-crafted investment pieces. Don’t focus on filling a room full of similarly made or same-time-period pieces. Instead, designers advise shopping for furniture that adds something different to your decor and home.

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